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Trained by high-level fashion practitioners, students will gain managerial skills and develop interpersonal skills, enhanced by the international learning environment  and the limited number of students per class. They will develop an in-depth fashion culture, decypher the latest industry trends and develop their creative thinking.



This business-oriented program will provide students with analytical tools to occupy managerial positions in today’s ever changing fashion industry. In small groups, they will brainstorm on fashion strategic scenarios, set up objectives and budget, study a business idea’s feasibility and assess the likelihood of completing a project successfully. Marketing and communication strategies will be studied and evaluated from a global perspective. Students will also learn how to evaluate the commercial viability of a business idea or product line.

After completion of this one-year program, students can pursue their career in various fields. This full English program is divided into 2 semesters:

  • Semester 1: intensive on-campus training
  • Semester 2: 6-month internship

English proficiency level B1/B2 is required.

Learning outcomes

  • Analyze the new business models shaping the global fashion industry and being able to foresee the future of fashion
  • Gain the organizational skills in project management, planning, branding, manage a budget and market a fashion event
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of cultural diversity in business and identify the management styles adapted to a team within  a multicultural environment
  • Identify the fundamental concepts of brand building, digital identity and be able to make strategic decisions based on a brand’s positioning and target market.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the central role of Press Relations in the  Fashion & Luxury communication and get the knowledge to set up a digital footprint
  • Gain a basic understanding of the french language, being able to navigate within the French society and decode the French culture.


Semester 1: intensive on-campus training
Semester 2: 6-month internship
English proficiency: B1/B2 level required



For the MSc Diploma, 4 years of Higher Education duly completed (240 ECTS validated or equivalent). All candidates with the level of English language competence needed to follow a English-taught year of studies.


Initial training only

Registration period

promotion. The files are therefore studied in chronological order. And indeed depending on the places available.

Next entry date : Wednesday, September 7, 2022


One Year, including 6 months internship.


4 days per week


Administrative fees : 350€

One settlement: € 9,890

  • Continuous controle / attendance
  • Project
  • Internship & Thesis
  • Community service
  • A minimum of 10/20 must be obtained for each criterion.

Degree: MSc Fashion & Luxury Management
60 ECTS or 26 US credits.

See degrees and equivalences :

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The programs

Semester 1 courses
Sociology of Fashion
Innovations and Business Models
Fashion & luxury in emerging markets
Sustainable fashion
Fashion & Luxury Brand Management
Communication strategies & Public Relations
Luxury Fashion Advertising
Event Marketing
Digital marketing strategies
Strategic Marketing
Human Ressources Management & Multiculturality
Finance for manager
Retail Strategy
French as a foreign Language (FLE)
Digital Techniques for Fashion
Communication & Leadership
Masterclasses / Visits
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Semester 2 courses
Project & Entrepreneurship (Project Management)
Internship & thesis
Thesis – Workshop

Admissions requirements

Interested candidates with a minimum of  4 years of Higher Education duly completed (240 ECTS credits or equivalent) with the level of English language needed to follow a full English-taught program.

Interested candidates with 3 years of Higher Education duly completed (240 ECTS credits or equivalent) and at least 3 years of professional experience in a middle management position will have the opportunity to enroll in the program after submitting their application thanks to the VAE process (Validation of Acquired Experience).

Please check the conditions directly on our website


Brand Director

The Brand Director has a multi-faceted skill set. They are responsible for managing a product throughout its life cycle: marketing, advertising, press relations, communication, growth hacking, etc.

Marketing director

The marketing director specialises in the management of a brand’s marketing actions and team.

Communication director

The Communication Director organises and implements actions and the communication plan to increase the visibility of a brand.

Retail director

The retail director is responsible for managing, validating stocks and monitoring the supply chain.


A buyer is responsible for discovering, testing, selecting and negotiating raw materials and end products that correlate with a brand’s image and expectations.


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Which level in english is required for this program?

You Need at least a B1/ B2 level.

Is this program only for international students?

No, this course is not only for international students. Just be sure you fulfill the english level proficiency.

Do I have an internship during this 1 year program?

Yes, you have a six (6) months internship with at the end, a thesis defense.

Student testimonials

Étudiant international à l’EIDM : Interview de Daniel
Daniel, étudiant dans notre université partenaire : Fashion Design Institut à Düsseldorf en Allemagne, est actuellement en échange Erasmus à l’EIDM.
Interview Margarita Erasmus
Margarita, étudiante dans notre université partenaire : L’UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES d’UTRECHT au Pays-bas est actuellement en échange Erasmus à l’EIDM.