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EIDM Paris (École Internationale de Mode & Luxe) offers undergraduate and graduate programs built up to analyze and master the image and brand. With this professional distinction that reflects high-level standards, EIDM is the promise of educating on fashion, on image and on branding at international level. Through specialized state-recognized programs and a unique partner network, EIDM guides local and international students towards a remarkable career.

EIDM offers two programmes fully in English: the 3rd year of Bachelor in Fashion Business and the 2nd year of Master in Fashion Business & Luxury Management.

The mission of EIDM Paris, located in one of the booming fashion capital cities in the world, is to meet the rising expectations of both students and companies. Through innovative programs and faculty exchanges, we seek to provide our students with an ever-increasingly attractive educational experience. Students can choose undergraduate and graduate programs in fashion and in luxury-oriented disciplines.

Students also acquire valuable knowledge and global managerial skills through internships and study abroad experiences with universities worldwide. Since its inception, EIDM Fashion & Luxury Business School has gradually adapted itself to the evolving economy that offers an extensive and diversified curriculum that meets a contemporary vision of today’s fashion world.

EIDM Paris guarantees quality education based on its practice of a learning by doing active approach, which allows us to develop the following:

  • Continually improve the academic quality of our programs through the qualifications of our teaching staff;
  • Develop and design programs that elevate School activities & goals at the European and international level. These include:
    • Course programs centered on problem-solving and practical projects
    • Personalized education via a peer-learning educational methodology
    • Implementation of final Year Event Management Fashion shows (organization of Fashion Shows, creation and launching of a Fashion Magazine, creation and launching of a Pop-Up Store)
    • Online education programs leading to diplomas and certifications available to a large and diversified public.

We call Paris one of the four fashion capitals, together with Milan, New York and London. Thanks to its rich history, Paris is one of the world’s major Fashion capitals. Top designers have had a strong influence on the city that currently enjoys international fame in the Fashion world. This statement, in line with the EIDM mission and vision values, enhances students’ decision to select EIDM. In other words, studying Fashion and Luxury-oriented programs at EIDM Paris is definitely a wise decision!

English level:

TOEIC: 750

TOEFL: 550


IELTS: 6.5 – 7 (with band score no less than 6.0)

If you come in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, please contact first the International Office of your home University.

Our partners : University of Applied Sciences (Utrecht, Netherlands), Romanian-American University (Bucharest, Romania), Fashion Design Institut (Düsseldorf, Germany)

If you are not part of the Erasmus+ programme, you can apply directly with us.

Bsc Fashion Management

Bsc Fashion management

The English 3-year Bachelor in Fashion Business program is a two-semester course which consists of one semester of studies followed by a one semester internship or a project-oriented work. The English 3-year program is worth 60 ECTS or 26 US credits. This course aims to provide local and international students with the knowledge and skills required to work efficiently in a global environment and analyze the values that make up the DNA of a fashion company.

A second objective is to promote appropriate communication skill sets and demonstrate efficient marketing strategies.


The objective is:

  • To coincide with the above, EIDM seeks to provide a strong cultural, historical, economic and sociological perspective to better understand the origin of transnational trends and optimize the positioning of the business and fashion industry.
  • To ensure that students understand the challenges of the fashion industry and provide the students with a 360-degree vision of business, management and marketing practices.

This is achieved by having the ability to apply a methodical and rigorous analysis in order to better understand the challenges of the fashion industry. Our future fashion professionals will be able to evaluate a product by measuring the evolution of the market.

MSc Fashion & Luxury Management

MSc Fashion Business & Luxury Management

The English-taught 5-year MSc in Fashion Business & Luxury Management course program is a two-semester course. Which consists of one semester of studies followed by a one-semester internship or a project-oriented work and is worth 60 ECTS or 26 US credits. The MSc program in Fashion Business & Luxury Management prepares our students for real expertise in the fashion world by training them for positions of responsibility.

The course provides essential skills in management and entrepreneurship in the various fashion & luxury sectors. It uses a dynamic approach in order to train high-level actors ready to operate right after graduation.


The objective is:

  • To offer students a multiple and innovative vision of the role of management and provide specific methods to set up and manage a business.
  • Integrate the dynamics of a changing world with evolving legislation.
  • Learn the creative approach of the fashion business in order to define the strategy best suited to the sector.

The MSc in Fashion Business & Luxury Management takes on an organizational aspect by implementing the logistics inherent in the fashion trade. In order to train for an appropriate management method and in the management of a company that prioritizes innovation and anticipation.



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